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Bagni di Gong

Sicily 2024

On Tour March 19 - May 2

After 18 months spent in the island of Crete, following the traces of ancient cultures, myth, goddesses and sacred sites, my next destination is set to be Sicily, the mediterranean island of my origin. A project dedicated to my roots.

The gongs will travel to the island of the Medusa Trinacria, her tem
ples and sacred soils, entering the Sicilian portal of wisdom through the elements, the fire of the vulcanos, the waters of the Cyclopes, the wind of God Aeolus, through myth and ritual.

Follow the gongs on my website and social media, where all stages of the Sicilian tour will be posted. My gong and inner-work related projects can be seen on my social media chanels and by visiting my projects page.

Maria Sono Magia Gong
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20/03 19:00h

Palermo. Spring Equinox
Chiesa S. Giovanni Decollato. Vibrational activation. Voice & Gong - Concerto interattivo gong e voce. Con Lucina Lanzara
info coming soon...

Hi, I'm Maria. Healing Artist.

I work with gongs, the breath and my being. My being opens a deep arrival at the people. Your soul learns from me the information that is available to you and brings it into your consciousness. I work with sounds. The sound vibrations of my gongs, in harmony with energetically clean places, and my very light being contribute to the development of your self healing potential. My work contributes to your self-healing powers. My nature is strong. I am crystal clear soul. Crystal clear energy. I am clear sighted. When you enter my spaces, you enter a space that is kept clear and strong, in which my ego steps aside. When I hold the space, it's not about me or my ability to hold a space, because no human can hold a space. If I hold space, then I am presence. I am embodied being in the space, I watch again and again in amazement as universal love takes over. No one can measure themselves against the deeply healing power of love itself when it floods the room and it holds people in everything that wants to release, unfold and open up from them. My soul has chosen an intense life. My range of experiences has given me deep insights into many shadow issues of the collective, communities and individual souls. I paved the way to the light - to universal, divine love - through my own healing path and the work with myself. I was born to open myself to awakening. I am the tool of my light side. That's what I'm here for, to serve the light. I make it possible for soul information to reach you from the cosmos.

Breathing is directly related to my gong playing, since the breathing turning point determines the rhythm of my playing. Breathing is life, breathing is play, breathing is rhythm. Breathing in and out stands for the rhythm of your life and provides information about your health condition, about how you live and who you are! In every meditation we focus on the breath. Because it brings you to your essence. The breath is a powerful tool that comes naturally to us, the beginning of your being after separation from your mother. As a newborn, you learn with your first breath that you were born into an experience that is in polarity. You breathe in, you breathe out, each breath brings you closer to this moment. You remember. A memory that goes deep, into the connection, into the knowledge that you are soul, that you are consciousness. The very first formula of polarity is inhalation and exhalation. Gong and breathing are two wonderful partners that I like to combine in special sessions.



Bachelor of Arts
University of Mannheim

Studies on the Philosophical Faculty for Roman and German linguistic and literature..


Integral Soundworker

Jens Zygar, Hamburg

Basic education in sound work, gong playing, cosmic octave, sound medicine

2021 - 2022

Reincarnation therapy training, breathwork and self-study

Several long-term activities including Reincarnation therapy & Rebirthing training at Korfu (Karin Nikbakht) and Budapest (Loiuse Bloemen) using the connected breath method

Sunset Gongs.jpg

Thank you!

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