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This is a unique experience.
It is thought for you if you are looking for an act of devotion to the Minoan Goddess. Read on...


The cave is a holy space.

Hi, we are Sabine and Maria. Sabine is an art therapist and professional clay artist. Maria is a soundhealer, breathwork facilitator and hiking guide, we are both Minoan goddess devotees and live on the Greek island Crete, which is the land of the ancient Minoan martriarchal high culture.

If you have come to this website, then you are interested in the cult of the Minoan goddesses and into experiencing something unique.

The Minoan cave where we hold our modeling sessions has been discovered by Maria during one of her hikes. The cave is not guarded and it is accessible only by a rocky mountain path of about one hour from the parking spot. To enter the cave, you must crawl through a whole which is one metre high and two meters wide. Inside the cave, there are bats.

Maria researched the archealogical origins of this cave and found out it was a Minoan ritualistic cave, where probably rituals involving the consumption of food and liquids were practiced.

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