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Pure Wild Heart - The Gongs at Kolokasia, Sfakia.


Residency with the gongs at Kolokasia in the south west of Crete: Sfakia.


Crete, Greece.

At the crest of the mountain of Kolokasia lies the receiving goddess, open-hearted, her arms spread wide, in her pure power, cosmically receiving, devoted, open. The power of her nature and form opens a channel of pure, wild recollection of the energy of being; she merges with the pure power of the heart into a flow of energy that pours out over her womb into the village. Tangible and visible.

Kolokasia, a place where my soul works powerfully through me. A place where the power of the Cretan goddesses can be felt. A mountain with finds from the Minoan era, a natural spectacle, magical and vibrant. Ancient olive, fig and carob trees. Donkey trails. Ruins. The sea on the horizon. And the silence.
In this place, I play the gongs and invite you on a journey into your inner self, into the universe that is you.

Your earthly temple body connects, magnetically, with the hot, nourishing energy of the earth, pulsating penetratingly.

Dormant access points in your earthly energy system open up to the cellular level of the body - channels of your very own essence are unlocked. Your whole system is readjusted in the connection of this energy, towards your very own vibration, towards your very own destiny, your soul mission, your blueprint. Wild. Pure. Heart-opening.

Your pure wild heart is activated.

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